Living a Life of Luggagery

I was ready to buy ramen from the MV Explorer snack bar and binge-surf Wikipedia. On Semester at Sea, we had limited internet options. Fifteen minutes later, I was stuffed in the middle of the middle seat of a white van. My view in back: three twenty-somethings taking shots of vodka from bottle caps. A Ghanaian pharmacy owner navigated the dirt pathways of Accra to take us to a remote village for a reggae music festival.

I’ve always loved to travel. My homesickness for foreign countries didn’t start at the top of Dunn’s River Falls in 5th grade or even after tearful goodbyes at COAR in 2011. When I got back to the ship after a failed reggae music search in Ghana, it all sunk in – you just can’t get these experiences sitting in your house.

In PR class in grad school, one of my good friends came up with an introduction that stuck: “This is Rebecca. She wants to visit 30 countries before she’s 30.” And now I’m finally documenting it. With a little over 4 years left before my 30th birthday, I have 8 more countries to go.

This site is dedicated to all the fearless adventurers, the people who are always packed and ready to go, the wanderers who step off the beaten path. It’s been a wild ride so far, and I’m looking forward to the meeting new people, experiencing different cultures, and seeking out the stories I don’t have the imagination to fabricate.