Adventure to 30 is for kick-butt young professionals who don’t necessarily have the time and resources to travel to everywhere on their travel bucket lists. I’m fortunate to know so many hardworking people who inspire me daily to go after and accomplish my dreams, and I want to pass on those feel-good stories in a non-preachy way (AKA an #AtypicalMotivationMonday way).

Consider this site your one-stop shop for stories, general travel tips, and guides that maximize your time in a given city. If there’s somewhere you want me to write about, or if you think a certain guide isn’t as useful as it could be, please never hesitate to slide into my DMs in a non-creepy way at rebecca@adventureto30.com. I’m all about communication (I studied it in grad school!) and I participate in lots of writing workshops, so I’m used to critiques like, “I don’t like your writing style.” You’re not going to offend me.

While I try to vary my content, I specialize in 24-Hour Trips. I’m all about empowering young professionals to travel and take advantage of their PTO, so this is my small contribution to their success. I’ve written about the importance of taking vacations and intend to keep writing about why everyone should travel.

If you’re not a young professional and you’re visiting my site, I’m glad you’re here, too 🙂