#FBF: A Childhood Cruise

I’ve consistently written almost every day since 2nd grade, whether it was a horrible poem, an explanation of a day on a cruise ship, a random thought on scrap paper, or a note to myself on my phone. I didn’t realize this until today when I looked at my journals from the 2000s, which are peppered with cartoonish drawings and punctuated by misspelled words.

I’m privileged to have gone on a bunch of cruises when I was younger, but I oftentimes struggle to remember the details of those trips, even if I have the pictures to prove I was there and a family full of storytellers that repeat cruise stories every time we get together. This particular journal I found has a few entries from a cruise my family took in February 2001 on Royal Caribbean’s Rhapsody of the Seas. The series within the composition notebook is unsurprisingly titled “My Trip.”

The following entries are exactly what I wrote when I was eight years old – punctuation, spelling errors, parentheticals, and all.


In Mazatlan, we did a lot of shopping. We walked a lot! Aaron and Julie, (my cousin) took the cab! I wish we would have known that where we were going was far from there. We walked about 3 miles! But, we finally got there. It was a diving show. I thought it would be boring but it was so cool. The diver jumped off a cliff into the ocean with tons of sharp rocks. If he didn’t get it just right he would die. But, he made it. (Thank goodness.)

Ship – Rhapsody of the seas
cabin – 3605
muster station II

Kid’s Club

At the Kid’s Club there was tons of fun stuff to do. One night there was a pajama ramma movie night another night was Alien night and some more. At the Pajama ramma movie night we made pillow cases and I got a lot of my friend’s signatures on it! We also had funny names mine was Rocket Rebecca. The staff were, Alligator Amber, Fawn-Z, D.J. Hotlips, Kooky Kyle and Cosmic Katie. My friends were Kitty Cat Kendal, Allstar Ashley, Looney Toon Laura, Hip hop Hilary and Allegra. I thought the Kid’s Club was so fun. Even funner than last year! (Because, last year all we did was watch T.V.)

Name of Kid’s club – Club Ocean


In California we went to the Hollywood walk of fame. I saw Mickey Mouse and even Donald duck. I also saw Shirly Temple. We went to Little Tokyo, China town and Olvera Street. We saw the oldest house on Olvera street, and went to a mall in Little Tokyo. I had a lot of fun in California!

Cabo San Lucas

In Cabo San Lucas we went on a whale watch. Me and my cousin got sick. But, we got so close to some whales. We got to see three Blue whales.

There’s a bonus entry for the “My Trip” series that has a picture attached, but I’ll spare my brother the embarrassment and leave you with my 2001 description, which is glued into the journal above a hand-drawn cruise ship.

This is a picture of my brother on the cruise. He has a roll in his mouth and his mouth is open wide. He has his fingers bent and sun burns under his eyes. It is formal night and he’s wearing a blue button shirt and tan pants. He also looks like a pig with an apple in his mouth.

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